Life as a Fur Trader
Saturday, February 7, 1:00 PM

Meet “Alexander Boyer,” A Fur Trader of the Past — Made Present!
Adults and kids alike will enjoy exploring the history of the fur trade in the upper Midwest and Rock River Valley through the eyes of someone who was there – or thinks that he was! Former voyageur, trapper and trader “Alexander Boyer,” as portrayed by historian Gerald Wykes, will take you on a time-travel journey back to a time when the Illinois Country was part of the great fur trade empire of France, and where Castor – the beaver – once reigned as king. Using period props, furs, and stories Wykes will bringĀ  to life the day-to-day trials of a fur trader (and promises to mis-pronounce more than a few words along the way!).

Round Table Sessions begin February 19, 2015
Every Thursday at 10:00 AM
Enjoy a cup of coffee or tea while we throw out a Byron topic. Free and open to all ages, topics range from personal stories to Byron trivia.

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