Artifact Donations

The Byron Museum is privileged to have many individuals in the area who are willing to help us preserve the history of Byron and Ogle County. Generally, we accept items that the Museum Board deems consistent with the policies, programs, and best interests of the District. Below is a list of frequently asked questions in regard to making a donation to the museum.

Q. Does the Byron Museum accept all donations?
Regrettably, restrictions of space and resources prohibit us from accepting every item. Our first consideration is whether the object supports our mission. We concentrate on preserving items unique to the Byron area including (but not limited to) Byron-made products, photographs, military items, business, school, and church documents, and items belonging to people who lived in the area.

Q. How do I donate an object?
To inquire about making a donation please call the museum at 815-234-5031. If it is decided that your object is appropriate for our collections, you will be asked to sign a “Deed of Gift Form” in which you give the museum possession of your object. The object then becomes a part of the Byron Museum’s permanent collection and will be cataloged and properly stored in one of our archival rooms.

Q. What happens if my donation is not accepted?
If you do not want your object, the museum might use it for hands-on education or give it to another museum where it might be more appropriate to their mission.

Q. Will my donation be exhibited?
At any given time, only a very small portion of the museum’s collection is on exhibit. There is no guarantee that your donation will be exhibited, but we would be happy to discuss how we might use your particular object with you.

Q. Is my donation tax deductible?
Yes, but the Byron Museum cannot determine the value of the object for you.

The Byron Museum is grateful to all of our donors for their willingness to share a piece of Byron history with the community.