The Byron Museum of History invites you and your group to visit our local history exhibits and participate in hands-on learning activities. We offer a variety of activities for walk-in visitors of all ages:

  • I-Spy (match the pictures on a worksheet with objects on the Byron Model & Train – for all ages, but particularly good for younger kids who are not yet reading)
  • Hobo Sign Scavenger Hunt (travel the museum hunting for and deciphering hobo signs)
  • History Mysteries (elementary school ages) Can you solve the history questions using our exhibits?
  • History Mysteries (middle school ages) Can you solve the history questions using our exhibits?
  • Letterbox / Geocache Scavenger Hunt: A Letterbox is hidden within one of the museum’s exhibits. Visitors will have the opportunity to follow clues to find the letterbox. Letterboxing is similar to a treasure hunt. Letterboxers hide small, weatherproof boxes in publicly-accessible places and post clues to finding the box online on one of several letterboxing websites. Visit to get started and to find the first clue to the museum’s letterbox.